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Are you looking to upgrade your home with new technology that will not only improve your quality of life, but save you money in both the short and long term as well? That’s exactly what a tankless water heater can do. Like their name says, tankless water heaters do not depend on a tank of preheated water to operate, instead opting to heat the water as you need it and distribute it as necessary. This makes them also commonly known as demand heaters. Because these systems don’t have to constantly refill and reheat a tank of hot water, even when you aren’t using it, they use less energy and therefore save you money.

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Ditch the Tank Today!

Dumping the tank and going to a tankless water heater may be one of the best decisions you ever make. Because these systems don’t have a tank of water, they technically never run out of hot water. That means you can take showers as long as you would like, do as many loads of laundry as necessary, wash all of the dishes, and run whatever other hot water-consuming appliance you need, and you’ll never have to go through the obnoxious wait for the tank to refill and reheat.

Benefits of Switching to a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are also safer than their predecessors. Tank style water heaters are prone to pressure-related issues due to the constant change in temperature inside the tank itself, and that could lead to dangerous conditions if the pressure relief systems in a tank falter or fail. Tankless water heaters are also entirely repairable. That means any problem can be properly fixed, meaning their lifespan can be extended almost indefinitely. In fact, with proper care and maintenance, you may never have to buy another water heater again for as long as you own your home!

Before Your Installation

Before you install your new water heater, there are a few things you should know about this upgrade service that could influence your decision. Tankless water heaters are not always a “plug and play” upgrade, meaning you may need to have some additional work done to your home in order to make sure your new tankless heater will work properly.

Steps to Take Before Installing a Tankless Water Heater:

  • First, you may need to upgrade the gas supply line that feeds your water heater. Tank-style water heaters often have smaller burners and they don’t need a huge supply of fuel to operate properly. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, often have larger burners in order to heat water faster, and that means they need a larger fuel supply. Our plumbers will help you make this determination during your initial tankless consultation.
  • Second, you may need to upgrade your other peripherals to your water heater as well. For example, if your exhaust line isn’t large enough to handle your tankless water heater’s needs, then you may need to improve that in order to make sure your new water heater is safe. If you opt for an electric heating model, you may need to increase the voltage running to your water heater, as some function on 240-volt connections for safer heating.

Upgrade Your Water Heater With Our Help Today

At Joseph Giannone Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, we know how annoying an incompetent water heater can be, and we want to help you solve that problem for good. When you choose us to help you update your home with a tankless water heater system, we’ll make sure you receive the system that is perfectly matched to your needs.

Our Professional Team of Installation Experts Will:

  • Analyze your needed capacity
  • Review your current energy bills
  • Determine what kind of space and features you need in order to make sure you are matched with the ideal solution that you’ll be able to use for many years into the future.

Our plumbers have always been regarded as exceptional, and our training in both the installation and maintenance of these systems make us the name to turn to for a high-quality tankless water heating experience.

Learn more about upgrading to a tankless water heater by contacting Joseph Giannone Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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