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Poor indoor air quality can hurt your health, especially if you have particular allergies, asthma, or other respiratory complications. At Joseph Giannone Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, we want our Philly neighbors to be able to breathe easily and safely inside their own homes, just as they deserve. With our indoor air quality services, you can improve the air inside your house with ease.

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Common Health Issues Caused by Poor Air Quality

Not to try to alarm you, but poor indoor air quality can cause major health problems if left unchecked. We urge all of our Philadelphia neighbors and homeowners to take the matter seriously in order to prevent the potentially frightening consequences or situations from unfolding.

Some of the Most Dangerous Health Implication Poor Indoor Air Quality Can Lead to Include:

  • Sick Building Syndrome (SBS): Sometimes our own homes can make us sick. It’s a very real problem called Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), in which people experience negative health effects from spending time in a particular space. People may experience symptoms of illness in various zones in their home, or they may be generalized in nature. A significant contributing factor to SBS is ineffective HVAC performance or poor maintenance.
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC): Often, poor indoor air quality results from sources inside the home. For example, adhesives, carpeting, upholstery, manufactured wood products, and cleaning agents may emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including formaldehyde. Who wants to breathe that? Additionally, secondhand tobacco smoke contributes high levels of VOCs. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), some VOCs in high concentrations can cause chronic and acute health effects, including cancer.
  • Other pollutants: Carbon monoxide (CO) is a silent killer. An invisible, odorless gas, CO can come from unvented kerosene and gas space heaters, woodstoves, fireplaces, and stoves as well as gas appliances that are improperly installed or maintained. Radon, a radioactive gas known to cause lung cancer, can seep into homes through cracks and holes in the foundation. You can’t see it or smell it, so air quality testing is necessary to know if it’s present in unhealthy levels in your home.

How We Can Help Clear the Air

At Joseph Giannone Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, our Philadelphia indoor air quality specialists always recommend scheduling routine HVAC maintenance and regularly changing air filters to keep the air inside your home or office clean. However, these efforts and tasks simply may not be enough. We offer a full range of air quality services and products if your home needs a little extra help.

Some of the Most Popular & Important Indoor Air Quality Services We Offer Include:

  • Filtration With Whole-Home Air Cleaners: Every air conditioning system utilizes filters to keep dust from getting to the unit and affecting its operation, but these filters are not designed to catch many of the smaller particles in the air like pollen and pet dander. Unfortunately, these particles are the most troublesome and can continue to cycle through the home unless they are captured and removed. Adding an air cleaner to the system can filter out these smaller particles that are often triggers to those suffering from asthma and bad allergies.
  • Sanitization and Ultraviolet Lamps: Over time, particles that make it past the return filter can collect inside the cooling unit, particularly around the coils. They can settle in small pockets of moisture inside the system, creating breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. This in turn can be introduced to the air inside the home’s living spaces and create air quality concerns, especially for those with chronic asthma. Ultraviolet (UV) lamps can be installed inside the air conditioning system that actually kill mold and bacteria and prevent it from flourishing. One type will continuously sanitize the area around the coils, and another type can be installed that will sanitize the air as it moves through the unit back out into the home. High-end sanitizers can help control pet odors throughout the home as well.
  • Humidification and Dehumidification: The level of humidity inside your Philadelphia home has a direct impact on your quality of life. If the air is too dry, it can hurt your house and skin as well as damage your home and furnishing. If the air is too wet, it can encourage the growth of harmful mold and bacteria, as well as contributing to mildew. This poses a health hazard and can lead to expensive renovations and fixes to make your home safe enough to live in or sell. Joseph Giannone Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning offers a full range of humidifiers and dehumidifiers that can meet the specific needs of your home.
  • Inspections: To prevent possible problems with carbon monoxide, call the experts at Joseph Giannone Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning to inspect your heating system and any gas burning appliances annually. We can spot and fix small problems before they pose any danger to your health. We can also help you install low-level carbon monoxide and radon detectors in your living spaces.

Keep Your Air Clean With Regular HVAC Inspections

Unhealthy indoor air quality has many causes and can be a health concern in every season. Your home may have excessive humidity levels that can promote mold and mildew growth. Newer carpets and furniture, or improperly ventilated gas appliances can emit vapors called volatile organic compounds. You may be storing excess amounts of poorly sealed caustic chemicals, such as cleaners, in your home. Whatever the source, poor air quality can worsen existing conditions such as asthma and allergies or can just lead to feelings of exhaustion and other signs of poor health. Giannone takes this hidden health threat in many Philadelphia homes very seriously, and has years of experience in improving air quality to protect the health of you and your family.

3 Things We Can Do to Ensure Your Indoor Air Is as Pure as It Can Possibly Be:

  1. Regularly inspect and maintain your home’s HVAC system. Now is the time to inspect your air conditioning to ensure it will circulate clean, pollutant-free air around your home. Dust can build up in your air conditioner as it sits dormant over the winter. This is a breeding ground for mildew and bacteria. We can make sure your system is clean and your air filters are fresh.
  2. Install carbon monoxide detectors. If you use gas-fired appliances such as a furnace, we can make sure they are connected to a carbon monoxide detector, or at least install ample CO detectors. Carbon monoxide could be considered the worst indoor air pollutant, because the colorless, odorless gas can be fatal.
  3. Inspect your heat source before winter. Like your air conditioner, any heating unit that sits dormant for a few months can accumulate dust and debris that can be expelled into your indoor air. We’ll also make sure your air filters are clean.

While there are many steps you can take on your own to ensure good indoor air quality (regularly changing air filters, storing chemicals properly and ventilating your home with fresh air on a regular basis), regular HVAC inspections from our team of professionals can help make a difference in your home. We can inspect, maintain and replace as needed, and have other air-quality options for our customers to consider.

For more information about how to clean and improve the air in your home, contact Giannone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning at (215) 375-7134. We are truly passionate about making certain our Philadelphia neighbors and community members are breathing in the best possible indoor air quality. Our HVAC services and equipment can make it happen. Contact us today.

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