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  • How Often Do You Really Need to Change Your HVAC Filters?

    The Answer is, “It Depends.” If there’s a frequently asked question in the HVAC industry, it’s got to be, “How often should I change my filters?” These items are one of the first things our Philadelphia heating and air conditioning experts check when we go on a service call. That’s because changing them is the one thing homeowners can do to extend the life of their HVAC systems — and they’re one ...
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  • Why Should a Licensed Pro Size and Install Your HVAC System?

    There’s a lot of fun involved in owning your home, but let’s face it, homeownership is full of “ouch” moments, too. And one of the ouchiest is learning you need to replace your Philadelphia heating or air conditioning system. The HVAC experts at Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can direct you to rebates and financing that will make the hit easier to take, but replacing your ...
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  • Does Your Philly AC Need a Helping Hand?

    4 DIY Tips That Will Make Your AC’s Work Easier We all need a little help sometimes. Whether your kid needs a push on the playground swings or you need someone tall to reach the highest shelf, a helping hand makes everything better. Your air conditioner is no different. No matter how powerful your AC is, it could probably use a little help beating the summer heat. Your Philadelphia HVAC experts at ...
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  • Is Your Air Conditioner Making You Sick This Summer?

    Giannone’s Experts Can Diagnose and Fix Air Quality Problems Flu season is a distant memory, and allergy season has passed. Still feeling under the weather? It may be Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), the negative health effects caused by indoor air quality. And poor air quality outside can also contribute to poor air quality within your home, unless you use proper filtration. Your home should be an ...
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  • What's Wrong with My A/C?

    These Troubleshooting Tips Might Save You a Service Call It’s a muggy July in Philadelphia. You open the door to your home at the end of a long commute expecting a blast of cool air, only to find a wall of heat instead. There’s definitely something wrong with your air conditioner, but you don’t know what. You’re hot, tired, cranky and desperate. But wait. Before you pick up the phone for a pricey ...
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  • Double Up to Save Time This Summer

    Giannone Can Do Cooling and Heating Inspections in One Call! Is your summer looking busy? With vacations to pack for, kids to wrangle, and maybe even a little fun to be had, you might be wondering how you’ll fit home maintenance tasks into your schedule. In addition, you probably want to save your time off from work for things you’ll really enjoy. You don’t want to spend those precious hours ...
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  • Take Control of Your Philly Home This Summer

    Try These 3 Hot DIY Tips from Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning It’s hot outside. The kids are home. Vacation plans are coming up. Summer is a time when minor annoyances can become out-of-control stress machines. Those little problems you’ve been ignoring around the house can start driving you crazy. But before you pick up the phone and call your local Philadelphia plumber at ...
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  • Is a Ductless Mini-Split the Right Choice?

    Mini-Split HVAC is Good for Some Homes, Bad for Others It’s time to clear the air about ductless mini-split HVAC systems. These heating and cooling systems connect a wall-hanging AC unit with an outdoor compressor/condenser using only a three-inch hole in your walls to connect the two. Proponents say they save energy by letting you heat or cool certain zones or rooms in your home. And their small ...
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  • When is it Time for an HVAC Tune-Up?

    Spring is a busy time in Philadelphia. With college graduations, end-of-school activities for kids, spring festivals and just the urge to get out and enjoy the warm weather, we understand how your schedule can fill up fast. The HVAC experts at Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning want to make sure all our Philadelphia neighbors take the time to get their HVAC tuned up. You should ...
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  • Don’t Break Your Air Conditioner

    5 Tips to Avoid Summer Disaster The dog days of summer are still months away, but here in Philadelphia it’s time to start thinking about your air conditioner. Once temperatures start climbing, you want to be sure your home is an oasis of cool-air comfort. No one wants an A/C breakdown in July, but you can start planning in May to keep your unit in tip-top shape all summer. Of course, your Philly ...
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  • Philly HVAC Rebates Make a Smart Choice Even Smarter

    Giannone’s service experts can help you upgrade for less Did your Philadelphia furnace barely make it through winter? Maybe it’s not heating as fast or as well as it used to. Or maybe you got hit with surprisingly high energy bills last summer, and you’re not looking forward to turning on the air conditioning when things get hot. If you think your heating or air conditioning system is on its last ...
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  • Giannone smart home products make vacation worry-free

    Five ways we can reduce anxiety while you’re traveling away from your Philly home While summer vacation time may be winding down, you may soon be hitting the road for holiday visits or even a quick weekend getaway. Sometimes a vacation can be as stressful as the job and life you are trying to leave behind for a little while. Almost nothing is worse than the nagging thoughts like “Did we lock the ...
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  • From HVAC to plumbing, Giannone home services is the best game in Philadelphia

    We cultivate trust and respect on every single call Giannone is a family owned and operated home service business that has served the Philadelphia area for decades. We offer services ranging from HVAC to plumbing repair and know Philly like the back of our hands. We love our city and we love our customers. We have a long history in this great city and its suburbs, but we don’t rest on our laurels ...
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  • Five signs your Philadelphia air conditioner may be on its last legs

    Squeals, odors and leaks? Call Giannone today. Philadelphia is about two months into the heat of summer, and your air conditioning system has probably already gotten a good workout. Does it have the stamina to make it to fall? Heat persists well into September in the Philadelphia area. Here are five signs it might be time to call the experts at Giannone to discuss repairs or replacement, both of ...
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  • Tune-ups are critical to proper operation of your Philadelphia air conditioner

    Giannone can make sure it’ll see you through summer Summer will simmer on in Philadelphia for two more months, and heat will persist well beyond. If your air conditioner hasn’t seemed quite up to snuff so far this summer an inspection and tune-up is definitely needed. Giannone wants your Philadelphia home to be cool and comfortable, and our technicians are armed with the latest diagnostic tools ...
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  • Air conditioner not cooperating? Try these troubleshooting tips before calling Giannone

    If your air conditioner conks out in Philly this summer, don’t run to the phone and call Giannone just yet. We’ll happily and quickly respond to any customer need, but there are some DIY steps you can take to try and fix the problem first. Here are some quick pointers: HVAC will not turn on? Check to see if there’s power to your thermostat. Try replacing batteries – call us if it still will not ...
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  • Giannone smart products can protect your Philadelphia home while you’re on vacation

    From remote leak detection to smart locks, we’ve got your back You work hard and deserve a peaceful vacation. Giannone Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning can make sure you leave worries behind when you depart Philadelphia for a summer break. We have multiple products with smart features that enable you to keep a virtual eye on your home while relaxing on the beach or walking in the woods. ...
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  • Six ways to keep your cool in the Philadelphia summer

    Giannone offers some tips to lower your cooling bills We may be missing the winter chill sooner than we think. Philadelphia-area summers can be pretty hot and humid. It’s not unusual for the thermometer to hover in the upper 90s during the steamiest time of year. That heat and humidity can take a toll on your air conditioner. Giannone can inspect it, tune it up and replace it as needed, of course, ...
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  • Seven DIY Tips to Maintain Your Philadelphia HVAC for Maximum Efficiency

    Call Joseph Giannone Today for Major AC Repairs or Replacements You might still be in hibernation mode but now’s the time to prepare once again for the heat that will soon beat down on Philly streets. These DIY air conditioner checkup tips from Giannone can also ease your way through the rest of winter by conjuring up images of warmer weather and spring flowers and slow cruises down South Broad ...
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