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    The latest posts for Cooling are listed below.
    • Does Your Philly AC Need a Helping Hand?

      4 DIY Tips That Will Make Your AC’s Work Easier We all need a little help sometimes. Whether your kid needs a push on the playground swings or you need someone tall to reach the highest shelf, a helping hand makes everything better. Your air conditioner is no different. No matter how powerful your AC is, it could probably use a little help beating the summer heat. Your Philadelphia HVAC experts at ...
    • Is Your Air Conditioner Making You Sick This Summer?

      Giannone’s Experts Can Diagnose and Fix Air Quality Problems Flu season is a distant memory, and allergy season has passed. Still feeling under the weather? It may be Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), the negative health effects caused by indoor air quality. And poor air quality outside can also contribute to poor air quality within your home, unless you use proper filtration. Your home should be an ...
    • What's Wrong with My A/C?

      These Troubleshooting Tips Might Save You a Service Call It’s a muggy July in Philadelphia. You open the door to your home at the end of a long commute expecting a blast of cool air, only to find a wall of heat instead. There’s definitely something wrong with your air conditioner, but you don’t know what. You’re hot, tired, cranky and desperate. But wait. Before you pick up the phone for a pricey ...


    The latest posts for General are listed below.
    • Get a Real Vacation with These Smart Home Upgrades

      Giannone can Connect Your Home for True Peace of Mind It’s vacation time! A chance to get away from it all, relax and have fun. But, are you one of those people who spend the first three days of vacation worrying about what’s happening back home? Did you remember to turn off the coffee pot? What if there’s a plumbing leak or a fire? Did you set the thermostat higher? But thanks to connected smart ...
    • Looking for a Stable Career with No Student Debt?

      Consider the Skilled Trades After High School The world needs doctors, lawyers, scientists and professors. But those careers aren’t for everyone. Far too many hardworking, smart young people struggle through a four-year college only to graduate with a mountain of debt and wonder what it was all for. Student loan debt in the U.S. topped $1.56 trillion this year. But college degrees aren’t the only ...
    • Looking for a Great Career in Philly?

      Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning is Hiring Service Experts Are you looking for a job that you and your family can count on? As long as people have homes with plumbing and climate control, there will always be a market for plumbing, heating and air conditioning services, so taking up a career in the skilled trades is a smart choice. In fact, the skilled trades are at a premium ...


    The latest posts for Heating are listed below.
    • Double Up to Save Time This Summer

      Giannone Can Do Cooling and Heating Inspections in One Call! Is your summer looking busy? With vacations to pack for, kids to wrangle, and maybe even a little fun to be had, you might be wondering how you’ll fit home maintenance tasks into your schedule. In addition, you probably want to save your time off from work for things you’ll really enjoy. You don’t want to spend those precious hours ...
    • Is a Ductless Mini-Split the Right Choice?

      Mini-Split HVAC is Good for Some Homes, Bad for Others It’s time to clear the air about ductless mini-split HVAC systems. These heating and cooling systems connect a wall-hanging AC unit with an outdoor compressor/condenser using only a three-inch hole in your walls to connect the two. Proponents say they save energy by letting you heat or cool certain zones or rooms in your home. And their small ...
    • Philly HVAC Rebates Make a Smart Choice Even Smarter

      Giannone’s service experts can help you upgrade for less Did your Philadelphia furnace barely make it through winter? Maybe it’s not heating as fast or as well as it used to. Or maybe you got hit with surprisingly high energy bills last summer, and you’re not looking forward to turning on the air conditioning when things get hot. If you think your heating or air conditioning system is on its last ...

    Indoor Air Quality

    The latest posts for Indoor Air Quality are listed below.
    • Stay Sniffle-Free in Philly this Allergy Season

      Giannone’s Indoor Air Quality Experts Can Help Stop the Sneezes We’re finally seeing warmer temperatures here in Philadelphia, but spring isn’t good news for everyone. If you or a loved one is prone to allergies or asthma, spring can be miserable. For some people, annoying allergy symptoms like coughing, sneezing and itchy eyes are just a normal spring. For others, pollen season can mean ...
    • Wetter isn’t Better for the Air in Your Philadelphia Home

      Giannone’s Indoor Air Quality Experts Can Cure High Humidity Woes Have you noticed a difference in the air this spring? We don’t mean warmer temperatures outside. We mean damp-feeling, clammy air inside your Philadelphia home. When humidity starts to rise outside, it can start making its effects known inside as well. High humidity inside your home is an indoor air quality issue that shouldn’t be ...
    • Don’t Let Indoor Air Quality Make You Sick this Winter

      When you think air quality, do you just think about outdoor issues like pollen and smog? While outdoor air quality can cause real health problems, do you know that your Philadelphia home’s indoor air quality can, too? Since you spend so much time in your home every day, it’s possible that indoor air quality will have a greater impact on your health than outdoor. These problems can be even worse ...


    The latest posts for News are listed below.
    • Avoiding Carbon Monoxide

      Do you know how to avoid dangerous exposure to carbon monoxide? Read on to learn more from our very own Joseph Giannone, who was featured in the Philadelphia Business Journal for Carbon Monoxide Awareness Month. Link: How to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Exposure During the Philadelphia Winter
    • Joseph Giannone Featured on The Spirit Newspaper Blog

      Summer is here, and that means more and more homeowners are firing up their air conditioners as the temperatures continue to climb. And that means more and more people are picking up the phone to make a service call when they think something is wrong with their system. Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning was recently contributed an informational blog to The Spirit newspaper’s ...
    • Indoor Air Quality & Your Health - Tips for Staying Safe

      According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), poor indoor air quality could cause serious health effects. These include allergies, asthma, cancer, heart disease, and respiratory conditions. Because most people spend a majority of their time indoors, it is important to keep your indoor air supply free of harmful particles that could cause health problems. Our team wants residents of ...


    The latest posts for Newsroom are listed below.
    • Avoiding Carbon Monoxide

      Do you know how to avoid dangerous exposure to carbon monoxide? Read on to learn more from our very own Joseph Giannone, who was featured in the Philadelphia Business Journal for Carbon Monoxide Awareness Month. Link: How to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Exposure During the Philadelphia Winter
    • Winter Energy Savings Advice

      Click here to see where City Room Philadelphia showed us a little love on the information we put out there about winter energy savings advice.
    • Home Holiday Preparation

      Check out where the Philadelphia Business Journal covered our tips for home holiday preparation .


    The latest posts for Plumbing are listed below.
    • Put Great Taste on Tap with a Water Filtration System

      Want to Filter in Philly? Giannone Can Help! Is there anything better on a hot summer day than an ice-cold drink of water? We’re getting thirsty just thinking about it. In most municipalities, water is safe to drink just as it comes out of your tap, but at Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that a home’s tap water might not always taste or smell great, and that ...
    • Take Control of Your Philly Home This Summer

      Try These 3 Hot DIY Tips from Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning It’s hot outside. The kids are home. Vacation plans are coming up. Summer is a time when minor annoyances can become out-of-control stress machines. Those little problems you’ve been ignoring around the house can start driving you crazy. But before you pick up the phone and call your local Philadelphia plumber at ...
    • Protect Your Philly Plumbing this Summer

      Is Your Home Ready for Summer Break? Philadelphia schools let out June 4. Time for cookouts, fun times with friends and sleeping in. But having the kids — and their friends — home all summer can put extra strain on your home’s systems. Summer break is a bad time to have a plumbing malfunction, especially since catastrophes can interfere with vacation plans, visitors and more. Your neighbors at ...
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