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5 Things You Should Know About Home Service Careers

Spring is right around the corner here in Philly. That means high school seniors are looking to the future, and other high schoolers are simply looking for summer plans.

If you’re a young person thinking about a career — or if you know one who is — have you thought about exploring a job in the skilled trades, particularly home service? As the premier Philadelphia plumber and HVAC expert, Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has some wisdom to share about these careers.

Here are five things we think you should know about our career path.

1. College Isn’t for Everyone

No matter what you’ve been taught, getting a four-year college degree might not be a good fit for you — and that’s OK. People are talented in different areas.

According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, just 58 percent of students who start four-year college programs have degrees six years later. If the thought of four years of lectures and classwork seems like something you’d struggle with, it’s worth your while to consider a different career path.

2. This Work is Respectable

Did you grow up with a mom who desperately wants a doctor in the family? Doctors sure are worthy of respect, but not everyone’s cut out for that line of work. Look at it this way: plumbers and HVAC technicians also save the day. People trust us to come into their homes and use our expertise to fix what’s wrong. That’s worthy of respect, too.

3. You Can Get Started Faster

These days, most college-path students aren’t just looking at four years of college. Many careers require a graduate degree for advancement, too. That’s six years or more. But a training program for a home service career can have you working and earning in as little as six months. There are even on-the-training options available.

4. You’ll Make Good Money

Entry-level positions in the home services start around $15-22 per hour with amazing benefits. For experienced plumbing, heating and air conditioning service technicians, you can make $35-$145 per hour. And even better, you won’t have a mountain of student loan debt to pay off as you go.

5. You’ll Have Job Security

As long as people live in houses with plumbing and HVAC systems, they will need skilled, experienced people to fix those systems. When you start a home service career, you can rest assured that there will always be a market for your skills.

If you are interested in exploring a career in the home services, Giannone would love to hear from you. We offer great pay, excellent benefits and training to qualified applicants. You can even fill out our online employment application in under 30 seconds from your mobile phone, so apply today!