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What to Do When Your Pipes Freeze

Say you forgot to check the weather right before a Philadelphia cold snap and didn’t think to leave your faucets dripping overnight. The next morning, you go to turn on the tap or flush the toilet and nothing happens. You’ve got some frozen pipes, and that can cause serious problems.

Don’t Freak Out

When it comes to dealing with frozen pipes, it’s important to stay calm. Go ahead and shut off the water valve to that section of your home or to your entire home if that’s the only option. If you don’t know where your main water valve is, now is a great time to find out. When pipes are frozen solid, they probably won’t leak until they start to thaw.

Then comes the hard part: figuring out where your pipe has frozen in the first place and getting it thawed out. You’ll need a mop and bucket, as well as a hair dryer or electric heating pad. If you don’t have any of those, though, you might have luck using towels soaked in warm water.

The best way to find a frozen section of pipe is to look for frost or investigate the length of pipe between the main valve and the fixture that isn’t functioning. The second-best way is to spot a small leak. The worst is having a geyser in your basement.

After you’ve found the frozen section, begin to thaw it with heat from your heating devices. Once everything is thawed out, slowly turn the main valve back on to refill the system. Check for leaks again. If you spot a leak, turn everything back off and call a professional for help.

When the Worst Happens, Call Giannone

If you end up finding a burst pipe after wading through a brand-new basement lake, you might have better luck getting a licensed and bonded plumber to solve the problem. Our technicians can fix your frozen or burst pipes and have your home back to working order in no time. We can also install a device that monitors your home for leaking pipes, giving you peace of mind in case of a freeze.

Contact Giannone through the new One-Click Online Scheduling System, or give us a call at (215) 375-7134. We’ll solve the problem the first time, and work to keep it from happening again in the future.