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What Secrets Lurk in Your Philadelphia Plumbing?

Philadelphia definitely isn’t home to many tap water fans. Even today, nearly 40% of residents still refuse to drink the water that comes out of the tap, opting for bottled water and other beverages.

The city’s been pretty clear on the safety of our municipal water supply, but that doesn’t convince everyone. If it’s not convincing you, whole-home filtration for your Philadelphia plumbing system might be the solution.

What’s in Philadelphia’s Water?

The rivers that feed our water supply might be cleaner than they’ve ever been, but they’re a far cry from the fresh mountain streams that serve our friends to the north. Here in Philadelphia, the biggest contaminant in our drinking water is chloramine, which keeps it sanitary as it travels through the pipes to our homes. If you’re living in an older part of town, those pipes might be made of lead, which can be a health hazard if you drink enough of it.

Sometimes, the water in our homes might just taste or smell bad. We couldn’t blame you for not wanting to drink it.

How Does Whole-Home Filtration Fix My Water Problems?

The water filtration systems that we provide can remove a number of contaminants from the water that enters your home, including chlorine, benzene, radon and even pesticides. Unlike a standard faucet filter, whole-home filtration cleans all the water in your home, including what comes out of your faucets, showers and more. You could even drink from your toilet if you wanted to, but we don’t recommend it.

In areas where you’re more likely to face lead exposure in the tap water, whole-home filtration makes sure you’re not bathing or washing dishes in water you wouldn’t drink, which can keep your family safe. Overall, whole-home filters can be more effective than appliance-based filters at reducing contaminants and debris, like microplastics, from your Philadelphia plumbing.  

For Better Water, Call Giannone

We’re Philadelphia’s plumbing experts, and we think everyone deserves fresh, clean water in their homes. If you’re interested in having a whole-home filtration system installed, or just want to learn more, schedule an appointment with Giannone online or give us a call at (215) 375-7134.