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Put HVAC Peace of Mind in the Palm of Your Hand

Giannone offers Sensi Predict smart HVAC maintenance

Sometimes, homeownership feels like waiting for disaster to strike. Your home’s systems can and will break down at the worst possible times. This complex machinery is mysterious to people who aren’t trained to work with it, so as much as you want to stay on top of home maintenance, you won’t always know something’s wrong until it’s too late.

But Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning wants to empower our Philadelphia neighbors to take control of their homes with smart home automation. We recently added the Sensi Predict to our smart home automation offerings. This cutting-edge system gives you real-time updates of your HVAC’s function.

How Does it Work?

Sensi Predict’s 10-sensor system continually monitors your HVAC’s functionality. The sensors stream and analyze your system’s status and provide monthly reports to you and your HVAC service expert, letting you know if you need a tune-up.

You can access this information through an app on your smartphone. The system will also send you Actionable Alerts via the app or email if it detects a problem, complete with a straightforward, detailed explanation and recommended action.

What Are the Benefits?

With the Sensi Predict, knowledge really is power. HVAC problems are often silent and undetectable to homeowners until they get a huge power bill or experience a breakdown. Sensi Predict’s monitoring lets you address problems early, with these benefits:

  • Lower utility costs

  • Better air quality

  • Longer equipment life

  • No unexpected breakdowns

Installation of the Sensi Predict starts at just $349, a great value for the functionality it gives your home.

Our home automation experts at Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning know what it takes to give you and your family the most benefit from smart home technology. We can give our Philadelphia neighbors peace of mind, convenience and energy savings through home automation. Smart thermostats, energy monitoring, leak detectors and more are available from Giannone. Contact Giannone today to find out more.