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Does Your AC Need a Helping Hand?

4 DIY Tips That Will Make Your AC’s Work Easier

We all need a little help sometimes. Whether your kid needs a push on the playground swings or you need someone tall to reach the highest shelf, a helping hand makes everything better. Your air conditioner is no different. No matter how powerful your AC is, it could probably use a little help beating the summer heat.

Your Philadelphia HVAC experts at Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning are ready to step in if your AC needs repair, but if it’s cooling — just not quite enough — you might save yourself a service call by trying these DIY tips.

1) Block the Sun

The sun’s rays through your windows — especially those that face south or west — add heat to your home, making it harder for your AC to do its job. Close blinds and drapes during the day and invest in insulated drapes for extra protection.

2) Use Your Fans

Your ceiling fans are useful for taking the load off your AC. Use the switch on the side of your ceiling fan to change the direction of your fan so you feel the air coming down. Which direction that is depends on how the fan blades are installed. The moving air makes you feel cooler so you can set your thermostat higher.

3) Seal it Up

Make sure cool air isn’t escaping around your windows and doors. Use caulk to seal leaky window frames and a door snake to close the gap under your outside doors. Letting conditioned air escape into the outdoors makes your AC work harder that it needs to.

4) Dress for the Weather

Can you feel more comfortable in your home by wearing lighter clothing and sipping cool drinks? It sounds like a vacation every day! Change your clothes before you crank the AC to give it a little break.

Of course, if these tips aren’t cutting it, you might need an inspection, tune-up or repair from Giannone’s AC experts. We want all our Philly neighbors to stay cool and comfortable this summer, so if you’re feeling too much heat, call (215) 375-7134 or contact Giannone online to schedule service or maintenance.