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An Eight-Step Furnace Tune-up Is Key to Efficiency and Safety

Contact the heating experts at Giannone for service before cold weather arrives

One sure-fire way to add longevity to your Philadelphia furnace’s life are regular tune-ups from the experts at Giannone. This will also ensure the warranty on your unit remains valid, because many manufacturers require routine furnace maintenance. It will also guarantee your furnace is operating at maximum efficiency, and that will save you substantial money in the long run.

These tune-ups can also allow you to rest a little easier when the cold of a Philadelphia winter starts to settle over the area. That will happen sooner than you think, and it’s important that your furnace is up for the fight against Old Man Winter.

As always, we provide an upfront price for our service, protecting you from potential sticker shock when the job is done.

Here’s what we will do for a reasonable price that will yield long-term benefits:

  1. Change standard 1-inch filters. This should be done on a regular basis, especially if you have pets.
  2. Conduct an amp-draw test. This will make sure your furnace is receiving the appropriate amount of power.
  3. Check airflow and fan controls. Proper heating is all about the airflow, of course.
  4. Check the heat exchanger for wear. A damaged heat exchanger can not only reduce efficiency, it can be dangerous.
  5. Inspect safety controls. We’ll make sure the unit controls are working to keep your family safe.
  6. Check burners. This is a key element of proper furnace operation.
  7. Check electrical connections. We’ll make sure connections are adequate and safe..
  8. Check gas line. This is not only an efficiency issue, it’s a safety and cost issue, too.

These 10 tasks will make sure your family stays warm and worry-free all winter. Contact Giannone today to set up a crucial furnace maintenance appointment.