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3 DIY Steps for Fixing Leaky or Faulty Faucets

Here are some DIY guides to common faucet problems

It’s never a good time to have a leaky or faulty faucet, but the holidays are fast approaching and you need to get it fixed before guests arrive for parties or extended stays.

Here are some general DIY tips from the Philadelphia plumbing experts at Giannone that will allow you to postpone or even prevent a visit from our team.

  1. Fix a leaky faucet. Turn off the water supply. Remove the handle and unscrew the packing nut. Unscrew the stem and remove and replace the washers. Replace the O-ring as well, making sure all parts are OEM. That should do the trick. Also, focus on brands known for great quality, as home center-specific brands do not rebuild well. Here is more information on fixing a leaky faucet.
  2. Install a new faucet. The most difficult part of this task is removing the old faucet. Use oil or WD-40 to help loosen any stuck bolts. After that, the installation could go pretty smoothly, but don’t wing it. Use the instruction manual.
  3. Fixing an outdoor spigot. This needs to be given attention before freezing weather arrives. If it’s leaking from the handle, tighten the packing nut or replace the washers. If it’s leaking from the joint with the supply line, inspect the spigot threads for damage. Replace the spigot if needed, or wrap it in thread seal tape before connecting it again. If the spigot is old, consider replacing it with a frost-free hose bib.

Don’t be afraid to try these simple fixes. There are plenty of DIY tips for leaking faucets online and they can provide enough information to help you through these projects ahead of the holidays. You may be surprised at your own rookie plumbing abilities! If you run into a problem, or if you prefer to have professional take care of these matters, contact Giannone today. Our experts are ready to help.