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What Does an AC Tune-up Include?

Summer will simmer on in Philadelphia for two more months, and heat will persist well beyond.

If your air conditioner hasn’t seemed quite up to snuff so far this summer an inspection and tune-up are definitely needed.

Giannone wants your Philadelphia home to be cool and comfortable, and our technicians are armed with the latest diagnostic tools and maintenance techniques. Our experts will perform the following tasks — and more — as part of our comprehensive air conditioning tune-up services:

  • Check for adequate airflow to make sure your AC is operating efficiently.
  • Clean or replace 1-inch filters, which should be done at least once a month.
  • Test the thermostat for operation.
  • Inspect the fan blades.
  • Ensure condensate drain is clear.
  • Make sure refrigerant pressure and levels are appropriate.
  • Check your evaporator coil, and blower.
  • Make sure your AC is producing a consistent temperature.
  • Inspect electrical connections and tighten or adjust if needed.
  • Measure volts and amps to ensure proper power is flowing to your air conditioner.
  • And much more….

You should have your air conditioner tuned up each year, and those with allergies or asthma should consider indoor air quality devices.

If we find an issue with your AC during its inspection and tune-up, we will work with you to identify the most economical options to replace or repair the AC in your Philadelphia home.