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Bottled water is a big waste – filter your home tap water instead

Giannone offers the Philadelphia area the best filtration options around

Besides the unsightly mess of plastic bottles cluttering your recycling bin, there’s another reason to pass on bottled water: It’s expensive. Really expensive. Some estimates peg the cost of bottled water at about 300 times that of tap water.

Some consumers, however, are hesitant to drink tap water because they think it could contain unsafe pollutants. Other people think it just doesn’t taste very good. Never fear, Giannone is here. We can install high-tech filters that will remove potential contaminants, leaving the water tasting fresh and good. Here’s a look at some of the contaminants our water filtration systems can remove from your home’s tap water:

  • Benzene: This is a highly toxic chemical generated from the burning of fossil fuels and other processes. It is a known groundwater contaminant and carcinogen, and exposure can also adversely affect the kidneys, lungs and liver.
  • Chlorine: While used worldwide to decontaminate public water supplies, there is some evidence to suggest chlorine exposure can lead to increased rates of some cancers. Chlorine was used, of course, as a chemical weapon in World War I. Exposure should be minimized. It can give water an unsavory flavor that our water filtration systems can remove.
  • Pesticides: Many forms of pesticide make their way into groundwater and persist there. While acceptable levels of pesticides in drinking water are highly regulated, they can still persist in aquifers and rivers and pose a long-term exposure threat, especially for those who use wells for water. The dramatic health effects and lingering consequences of the now-banned pesticide DDT should be a reminder of the potential dangers of some pesticides.
  • Particulates: Turbidity levels in water supplies are also highly regulated, but suspended particles in tap water are not at all unusual. Your water can even be contaminated with particulates from your own pipes. Our water filtration systems can remove fine particles from water.

In some cases, bottled water is just municipal tap water anyway, negating any precautions you think you may be taking against these contaminants.

Save money and drink from your tap with confidence. Contact Giannone today for more information on our water filter solutions for Philadelphia homes.