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5 Tips to Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter

Reverse the fans, insulate and bundle up – and let the sunshine in

Philadelphia can get cold – really cold. While it’s not exactly the Poconos, the city typically sees winter stretches where the temperature doesn’t rise above freezing for two weeks.

That’s when your furnace, boiler, or other heat source gets its toughest winter workout, and your gas or electric bill can also put on some muscle and heft.

But there are ways to outsmart Old Man Winter and stay warm and toasty in your Philadelphia home without breaking the bank. Here are five ways courtesy of Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning that you can keep your heat from running away with your money:

  1. Seal it. Apply caulk or weather-stripping to your windows or doors. You can also cover your windows with plastic sheeting, though that’s a bit on the unaesthetic side.
  2. Reverse it. In warm months, ceiling fans typically blow air down. Reversing them to a clockwise motion means the fan can draw cooler air up, and blow warm air down where it belongs to heat your home.
  3. Open it. Open drapes and curtains on the sunny sides of your house. After all, the sun still shines in the winter and can heat your home a surprising degree (or more). Close those drapes and curtains when the sun goes down to retain the heat in your home.
  4. Layer up. You can comfortably keep your thermostat at a lower setting if you dress warmly indoors. We’re not talking snow boots and parkas, but a comfortable hoodie or sweater and socks – or Sasquatch slippers -- can go a long way to keep you warm. Throw a quilt or two on the couch to cuddle, read or watch TV in cozy warmth.
  5. Insulate it. Make sure your basement or crawlspace ceilings are adequately insulated. This can keep cold, damp air from creeping up and in. Applying an extra layer of insulation to attic ceilings or other exposed areas can do wonders on the higher end - keeping that rising hot air from seeping into the cold night. Make sure you wear safety glasses, respiratory protection and gloves when handling insulation.

These are just a few little life hacks that can save you a few bucks over winter, but if you have persistent problems with adequately heating your house in the Philly area, it might be time to contact Giannone or call (215) 383-2956 to consider home heat source replacement or maintenance.