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Giannone Offers Five DIY Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Plumbing

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

Some plumbing projects are obviously best left to professionals like Giannone Plumbing Heat and Air Conditioning.

There are, however, some preventative measures and DIY tips that can prevent plumbing problems before they develop and cause damage to both your home and your wallet. Here are five such tips courtesy of Joe Giannone:

  1. Keep an eye out: Regularly check your plumbing for leaks, and check hoses on appliances such as washing machines for wear and tear. Taping, gluing, clamping or plugging the leaks can prevent mold or mildew, which can take a lot of money to remediate.
  2. Unplug it: If your toilet seems like it is clogged or very slow to completely flush (and this is not for the squeamish) put on plastic gloves, steel yourself, and put your hand down the toilet to check and clear obvious clogs. If that doesn’t work, break out a plunger or snake. Only use drain cleaners as a last resort, as such products can be bad for your pipes.
  3. Be proactive: Regularly clean bathtub and sink drains with a bent coat hanger or brush to clear them of hair and other debris. Clean your garbage disposal with a brush, ice and salt. Grind part of a lemon to eliminate odors. Consider composting to eliminate some stress on the disposal.
  4. Use the trashcan: Sanitary wipes, paper towels, dental floss, feminine products and hair should not be flushed. Do not pour grease or coffee grounds down drains. Meats, eggs and bones should go in the garbage, not down the drain.
  5. Wrap it: Insulate pipes and waterlines during bitter cold to prevent frozen pipes. Keep a slight stream of water running during very cold weather. If your pipes freeze, don’t try and thaw them with a torch. This is especially important if you have PVC or similar materials in your plumbing system.

As we said, any intricate pipework, replumbing or septic system issues should be handled by a professional. Contact us today at (215) 375-7134 or via our website for more DIY tips or if you have a plumbing issue you can’t handle. Remember: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.