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Make a Resolution Now to Mind Your Home's Maintenance Needs

Here are some seasonal tips to keep your home in working order next year

If you get a jumpstart on your New Year’s resolutions, they may be easier to keep. Your home is your biggest investment. Resolve this year to keep up with your home maintenance needs with these DIY tips from the experts at Giannone.

  1. Winter. Stock up on ice melt and make sure your snow shovel or snow blower is ready to rock during a Philly snowstorm. Check your HVAC filters once a month, and change them as needed. If your home heating comes from a boiler, check water levels often. If your home gets too dry, consider a home humidifier. If you haven’t already, schedule heating system maintenance.

  2. Spring. If you insulated your outdoor faucets in the winter, remove the caps and insulation. Make an appointment with Giannone to inspect your Philadelphia HVAC system ahead of hot weather. Spring is a good time to give your plumbing a quick inspection, too, especially under the sink. Test your sump pump to make sure it’s working properly. Hire a chimney sweep for a quick inspection. Check CO detectors and smoke alarms. If you haven’t already, schedule AC maintenance.

  3. Summer. Make sure your ceiling fan is running counterclockwise to push air downward. Remember to check your HVAC air filters regularly. Block south-facing windows with drapes to keep out the sun’s heat. If you have an upcoming service you’d like Giannone to perform, contact us now to fit it in by late summer or early fall.

  4. Fall. Get ahead of winter’s chill with HVAC maintenance and a furnace tune-up. Disconnect hoses from outdoor spigots and store hoses. Now is a good time to insulate exposed pipes to prevent them from freezing this winter. Winterize your home by caulking drafty cracks and sealing windows.

If you keep up with your home maintenance chores, it can save you the expense of home service all year round. If a problem does arise, Contact Giannone for any Philadelphia plumbing or HVAC needs.