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The experts at Giannone can inspect your heating system ahead of the Philadelphia winter

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The Experts at Giannone Can Inspect Your Heating System Ahead of the Philadelphia Winter

The Experts at Giannone Can Inspect Your Heating System Ahead of the Philadelphia Winter

Our 48-point maintenance checklist applies to HVAC, heat pumps and furnaces

Your heater needs regular checkups – just like your own visits to the doctor – especially when a long Philadelphia winter is right around the corner.

We check 48 components of your heating system, including a 10-point heating maintenance checklist we go through when inspecting your heating or HVAC system to ensure your home’s heating system will click on all cylinders once cold weather arrives – and it will set in very soon.

These maintenance checks will also extend the life of your heating system, and keep your warranty valid if it calls for regular checkups.

Here’s are 10 of the 48 points we inspect, and why we examine these parts and perform each of these services:

  • Air filters: Your furnace or heat pump filter needs to be changed monthly. Clean filters save energy by reducing the effort needed to draw in air; improve indoor air quality; prevent dust and dirt buildup in your heating system; and generally extend the life of your furnace or heat pump.
  • Amp draw: We’ll check to ensure your blower motor or other system components are not drawing too little or too much electricity. If it is drawing too much, it will burn out. If it’s drawing too little, it’s working well below peak efficiency.
  • Airflow and fan controls: To operate at peak efficiency, furnaces and HVAC systems need unimpeded return air flow. Our experts will test your unit’s air flow to ensure it is receiving enough return air. We’ll also check your fan controls to make sure they are clean, unimpeded and operating at peak efficiency.
  • Belts: A noisy or squeaky furnace blower can mean the blower belt needs to be replaced. If it is not operating correctly, that means your blower fan isn’t turning as it should. We’ll check the belt to ensure it is in good shape and operating as it should for optimum efficiency.
  • Heat exchanger: These are the coils that actually heat the air coming from your furnace or heat pump. Our experts will check for cracks, scorching or other signs this critical component of your heating system is working properly.
  • Safety controls: Our heating experts will make sure combustion chambers aren’t leaking dangerous carbon monoxide and that all automatic safety shutoffs are in working order. Fan-limit switches, for instance, will cut off your furnace if it gets unusually hot.
  • Burners: Our experts will ensure the burner and pilot light are clean and free of soot and are burning efficiently and are unobstructed.
  • Electrical connections: We’ll make sure all electrical components powering furnace functions are properly grounded, connected and in good repair.
  • Moving parts: We’ll check your blowers, belts and other moving parts to make sure they are unimpeded, well-oiled and operating as they should.
  • Gas lines: Our experts will make sure your gas connections are secure, safe and bringing in adequate levels of natural gas or propane. We’ll also check for any leaks and ensure proper pressure.

Our maintenance checklist comes with an upfront price – as do the rest of our services.

Whether you have a heat pump, HVAC system or gas furnace, contact us today and our expert technicians will make sure your heating system is in tip-top shape before winter weather arrives in the Philadelphia area.


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